AMT has signed a business alliance agreement with BIGBANG Inc. for the development of blockchain games. BIGBANG Inc. is comprised of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the Japanese gaming industry.

AMT has signed a comprehensive business alliance agreement with BIGBANG Inc. for the development of blockchain games with the keyword “Cosplay to earn” for the creation of new value in the Web 3.0 era envisioned by AMT.

BIGBANG, Inc. is a game and entertainment development company whose philosophy is “to develop services that people around the world can enjoy and use”.

Mr. Atsushi Kitagawa, president of BIGBANG Inc., has worked on various projects as a producer for KONAMI Inc., a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange, and as a game planner and producer for Mobage, a mobile portal site and SNS by DeNA, which boasts more than 15 million members. He created numerous games and helped expand the popularity of social games through the realization of open platforms.

BIGBANG Inc. is a professional group specializing in entertainment and games that was established for the purpose of developing the next generation of games by bringing together engineers and creators who have made the history of social games and social applications in Japan.

Their major achievements include the development and launch of “SengokuChronicle,” a simulation battle in which players strategically utilize Japanese warlords, and “MONQUE,” a location-based PRG game linked to the real world, earlier than Nintendo’s “Pokemon GO. The company is one of Japan’s leading game creation ventures, developing content and games that are always half a step ahead of the times.

Through this partnership, AMT will accelerate the development of “RYORAN,” a SNS-type blockchain game project based on the keyword “Cosplay to earn,” which AMT is promoting.

One of the company’s philosophies is “to realize a society in which diversity is recognized and valued, and in which everyone can live their own life. Through this partnership, AMT is committed to realizing this goal through approaches that only AMT can take.

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