AMT have signed a business alliance agreement with MIC CLUB, which operates the LINE Open Chat ”Primary School of crypto currency,” for the dissemination of correct knowledge and educational activities of crypto currency.

AMT has entered into a strategic business alliance with MIC CULB, which operates “Primary School of crypto currency”, one of the learning communities for crypto currency in Japan, to promote correct knowledge of crypto currency, blockchain, Web 3.0, etc. and financial literacy for smart living in the new era.

For beginner of crypto currency or investing, the first question is “What is crypto currency? How can I become a millionaire with crypto currency? “Primary School of crypto currency” is an open chat service on LINE that teaches the essence and structure of crypto currency to beginners in an easy-to-understand way, until finally they are able to trade on a crypto currency exchange.

Crypto currency is still have a negative impression in Japan. AMT will promote the correct knowledge of crypto currency in Japan through this alliance, which will lead to the improvement of the status of crypto currency, and to the improvement of financial literacy. As a result, AMT will realize one of its own Philosophy, “Create a society that recognizes diversity and allows everyone to live as they wish” with its own approach. AMT will continue to develop together with all those involved in the AMT project.

The primary school of virtual currency LINE OPENCHAT

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