AMT have signed a comprehensive business alliance agreement with OVO (, Japan’s largest NFT platform where 2D fans gather from all over the world, for our NFT project ”KENRAN”.

AMT has signed a comprehensive business alliance agreement with OVO ( for AMT’s NFT project “KENRAN”.

OVO ( is one of the largest NFT platforms in Japan and has sold more than 9,000 gachas in 48 hours, an astonishing record, with more than 100,000 platform transfers and 60,000 NFT sales.

OVO is a cutting-edge NFT platform representing Web 3.0.

OVO is an NFT platform that provides one-stop services and solutions for NFT asset issuance, trading, use case development, ecosystem building, community building, marketing, etc., integrating holographic AR technology. The platform is also developing and implementing main drop function, gacha system, auction function, marketplace, synthesis function, mining function, and other functions.

OVO’s “Nyathees NFT” was the most successful existing 2D content, with a total of 60,000 NFTs sold out and the rarest NFT selling for $270,000 (currently about ¥37 million).

AMT will accelerate the construction of AMT’s NFT project “KENRAN” and at the same time, AMT will realize and implement the “Cool Japan Strategy” promoted by the Cabinet Office of Japan to further expand and develop not only the blockchain and Web3.0 industry but also the Japanese pop culture and subculture market. As a creator of new value in the new era, we aim for healthy development with all the people involved in this project.

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