AMT has signed a business alliance agreement for the development of NFTs with animation production company, Jyumonji Corporation, which is engaged in the planning and production of animated films and TV programs.

AMT has signed a comprehensive business alliance agreement for the development of NFT with the Jyumonji Corporation, which is involved in the 120-part science fiction epic voice story “Space Sisters Adrift” and the science fiction anime “Tokyo Gumbo” set in Harajuku in the future, which features the theme song by “Moga Mogami”, with the aim of creating new value for the various contents owned by Jyumonji Corporation.

This business alliance is an introduction by AI-dea Co.

Jyumonji Corporation is an animation production company with a wide range of business activities in the Japanese animation industry.In addition to the development of original content, the Jyumonji Corporation is also responsible for the production and drawing of the animation for the manga ” Ms. Furumi is not a good communicator. “, which has sold over 6 million copies (as of March 2022) and is expanding its popularity. Jyumonji Corporation is also in charge of animation production for the picture book “Riku wa yowaku nai”, which was written by the celebrity Ms,Shinobu Sakaue and ranked No.1 on Amazon’s best-selling picture book list (according to a survey by April 2020).

Through this alliance, AMT will expand the services and contents of “KENRAN”, an NFT project that connects Japan and the world specializing in Japanese culture, and provide new “digital assets” and “real value” generated by AMT on a global scale through its own platform.

Jyumonji Corporation’s official website

Space Sisters Adrift’s official website

Tokyo Ganbo’s Official Website

A business alliance agreement was signed with manga artist Mr.Makira Kamishima for joint NFT development.

AMT, through ONIGIRI Plus Inc., has entered into a business alliance agreement with manga artist Mr. Makira Kamishima for the joint development of NFT. Mr.Makira Kamishima is a manga artist who has been developing his own personal cartoon series, such as the “Saki Kiss Series,” and continues to pursue an unconventional work style, practicing originality and differentiation in sales, and continues to draw beautiful works of art.

This alliance is part of AMT’s activities to realize one of its philosophies, “Eliminate poverty and discrimination, eliminate inequality, and build an ecosystem where peace and justice can be enjoyed by all. We will work together with Mr. Akira Kamishima to accelerate the development of NFT in the manga area.

This alliance is also a message from AMT to the Japanese society where LGBT prejudice and gender inequality are still very strong and words dose not match their actions.
The message also expresses AMT’s determination to overturn precedentism, vested interests, and authoritarianism from a different side by embodying a new approach to “creating a society that recognizes diversity and allows everyone to live as they wish.

Dr. Makira Kamishima Official Store

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