AMT has signed a strategic business alliance agreement for comprehensive NFT business with RAKUZA MARKET PLACE, which continues to create new value and markets by converting Japanese anime and manga into NFT.

AMT has entered into a strategic business alliance agreement with RAKUZA MARKET PLACE for the global expansion of NFT and the creation of innovative Web 3.0 projects focused on new NFT development.

RAKUZA MARKET PLACE is actively creating and offering new value through the NFT of Japanese culture, including Japanese anime, manga, games, and illustrations, which are now globally recognized for their unique sensibilities, delicate expressions, and skillful techniques.

RAKUZA MARKET PLACE is a leading NFT MARKET PLACE in Japan, with its main service being the conversion and provision of Japanese animation cel pictures into NFT.

RAKUZA MARKET PLACE is developing and promoting its business from a macro perspective of great social significance, not only by enhancing the value of cel art through new value creation, but also by protecting cel art as an important contemporary cultural asset in Japan through its business.

Through this partnership, AMT will not only expand the services and contents of ”KENRAN”, the NFT project that AMT is promoting to connect Japan and the world specializing in Japanese culture, but also create artist incubation through new value creation.

By globally disseminating the Web 3.0 project developed in collaboration with RAKUZA MARKET PLACE through our platform, especially in Asia, we aim to dramatically develop new entertainment that fuses digital technology and art originating from Japan.  And we also aim to create sustainable innovation in the entertainment field.

AMT, as one of the creators of new value in the new era, is committed to healthy development with all the people involved in this project.


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