AMT is pleased to announce that Ms. Moe Iori, one of the most popular cosplayers in Japan, will be the main cosplayer for the real-life version of AMT’s FU-JIN-KI NFT !!

AMT is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Moe Iori as the main cosplayer for the real-life version of FU-JIN-KI’s NFT, a collaboration with Mr. Naoki Yamamoto scheduled for autumn 2022.
Ms. Moe Iori is a very popular cosplayer in Japan with over 3.7 million followers on Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking sites. Currently, her activities are not limited to cosplaying, but also include gravure idol, streamer, radio personality, You Tuber, etc. She is one of the top cosplayers representing Japan in various fields.
Ms. Iori Moe, nicknamed “Iorin,” combines absolute transparency and natural charm with a dignified appearance when cosplaying.

AMT is a high-level fusion of Mr. Naoki Yamamoto’s unique sensibility and delicate touch and expression of FU-JIN-KI and “Moe Iori”, and will launch them as NFT, a technology that represents the Web 3.0.
Through this, we will present the AMT community and ecosystem participants with new values and new assets for the coming era.
At the same time, we aim to further elevate the status of cosplayers and to make cosplay, a culture born in Japan, more major in the entertainment industry by introducing KENRAN, the NFT project we are promoting that connects Japan and the world, specializing in Japanese culture, to the world.
AMT, as one of the creators of new value in the coming new era, will strive for healthy development with all the people involved in this project.

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AMT has signed a strategic business alliance agreement for comprehensive NFT business with RAKUZA MARKET PLACE, which continues to create new value and markets by converting Japanese anime and manga into NFT.

AMT has entered into a strategic business alliance agreement with RAKUZA MARKET PLACE for the global expansion of NFT and the creation of innovative Web 3.0 projects focused on new NFT development.

RAKUZA MARKET PLACE is actively creating and offering new value through the NFT of Japanese culture, including Japanese anime, manga, games, and illustrations, which are now globally recognized for their unique sensibilities, delicate expressions, and skillful techniques.

RAKUZA MARKET PLACE is a leading NFT MARKET PLACE in Japan, with its main service being the conversion and provision of Japanese animation cel pictures into NFT.

RAKUZA MARKET PLACE is developing and promoting its business from a macro perspective of great social significance, not only by enhancing the value of cel art through new value creation, but also by protecting cel art as an important contemporary cultural asset in Japan through its business.

Through this partnership, AMT will not only expand the services and contents of ”KENRAN”, the NFT project that AMT is promoting to connect Japan and the world specializing in Japanese culture, but also create artist incubation through new value creation.

By globally disseminating the Web 3.0 project developed in collaboration with RAKUZA MARKET PLACE through our platform, especially in Asia, we aim to dramatically develop new entertainment that fuses digital technology and art originating from Japan.  And we also aim to create sustainable innovation in the entertainment field.

AMT, as one of the creators of new value in the new era, is committed to healthy development with all the people involved in this project.


For AMT’s IEO, which is being held on the crypto asset exchange BitForex from July 22, 2022 to August 5, 2022, an NFT AirDrop will be drawn among IEO participants.

In conjunction with AMT’s IEO, which is being held on the crypto asset exchange BitForex starting July 22, 2022, AMT will be raffling off a “Fuguri-chan NFT” which is a collaboration of “Fuguri-chan” and a famous crypto asset symbol. “Fuguri-chan”is an old friend of Nyathees” which is a LINE stamp character with the highest rarity NFT sold for $270,000.

There are a total of 150 “Fuguri-chan NFTs”, of which 50 are Nether NFTs, 50 are Ropp NFTs, and 50 are Angora NFTs.

The winner of “Fuguri-chan NFT” will be entitled to a special bonus in the blockchain game “RYOURAN,” which is currently being planned and developed by AMT.

”RYOURAN” is our original blockchain game specialized in cosplay, which is a representative of Japanese subculture. ”Wear to Earn” is said to be the next keyword after “Move to Earn”, which is the current keyword for blockchain games. RYOURAN” focused on the keyword “Cosplay to Earn” in “Wear to Earn”.

Fuguri-chan will be officially appointed as the official image character of “RYOURAN”.

AMT will continue to implement various measures and events to improve the rarity of NFTs originating from AMT, expand the AMT community, and build the AMT ecosystem. We encourage everyone to actively participate in the IEO.

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AMT have signed a comprehensive business alliance agreement with OVO (, Japan’s largest NFT platform where 2D fans gather from all over the world, for our NFT project ”KENRAN”.

AMT has signed a comprehensive business alliance agreement with OVO ( for AMT’s NFT project “KENRAN”.

OVO ( is one of the largest NFT platforms in Japan and has sold more than 9,000 gachas in 48 hours, an astonishing record, with more than 100,000 platform transfers and 60,000 NFT sales.

OVO is a cutting-edge NFT platform representing Web 3.0.

OVO is an NFT platform that provides one-stop services and solutions for NFT asset issuance, trading, use case development, ecosystem building, community building, marketing, etc., integrating holographic AR technology. The platform is also developing and implementing main drop function, gacha system, auction function, marketplace, synthesis function, mining function, and other functions.

OVO’s “Nyathees NFT” was the most successful existing 2D content, with a total of 60,000 NFTs sold out and the rarest NFT selling for $270,000 (currently about ¥37 million).

AMT will accelerate the construction of AMT’s NFT project “KENRAN” and at the same time, AMT will realize and implement the “Cool Japan Strategy” promoted by the Cabinet Office of Japan to further expand and develop not only the blockchain and Web3.0 industry but also the Japanese pop culture and subculture market. As a creator of new value in the new era, we aim for healthy development with all the people involved in this project.

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AMT has signed a business alliance agreement with BIGBANG Inc. for the development of blockchain games. BIGBANG Inc. is comprised of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the Japanese gaming industry.

AMT has signed a comprehensive business alliance agreement with BIGBANG Inc. for the development of blockchain games with the keyword “Cosplay to earn” for the creation of new value in the Web 3.0 era envisioned by AMT.

BIGBANG, Inc. is a game and entertainment development company whose philosophy is “to develop services that people around the world can enjoy and use”.

Mr. Atsushi Kitagawa, president of BIGBANG Inc., has worked on various projects as a producer for KONAMI Inc., a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange, and as a game planner and producer for Mobage, a mobile portal site and SNS by DeNA, which boasts more than 15 million members. He created numerous games and helped expand the popularity of social games through the realization of open platforms.

BIGBANG Inc. is a professional group specializing in entertainment and games that was established for the purpose of developing the next generation of games by bringing together engineers and creators who have made the history of social games and social applications in Japan.

Their major achievements include the development and launch of “SengokuChronicle,” a simulation battle in which players strategically utilize Japanese warlords, and “MONQUE,” a location-based PRG game linked to the real world, earlier than Nintendo’s “Pokemon GO. The company is one of Japan’s leading game creation ventures, developing content and games that are always half a step ahead of the times.

Through this partnership, AMT will accelerate the development of “RYORAN,” a SNS-type blockchain game project based on the keyword “Cosplay to earn,” which AMT is promoting.

One of the company’s philosophies is “to realize a society in which diversity is recognized and valued, and in which everyone can live their own life. Through this partnership, AMT is committed to realizing this goal through approaches that only AMT can take.

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AMT have signed a business alliance agreement with MIC CLUB, which operates the LINE Open Chat ”Primary School of crypto currency,” for the dissemination of correct knowledge and educational activities of crypto currency.

AMT has entered into a strategic business alliance with MIC CULB, which operates “Primary School of crypto currency”, one of the learning communities for crypto currency in Japan, to promote correct knowledge of crypto currency, blockchain, Web 3.0, etc. and financial literacy for smart living in the new era.

For beginner of crypto currency or investing, the first question is “What is crypto currency? How can I become a millionaire with crypto currency? “Primary School of crypto currency” is an open chat service on LINE that teaches the essence and structure of crypto currency to beginners in an easy-to-understand way, until finally they are able to trade on a crypto currency exchange.

Crypto currency is still have a negative impression in Japan. AMT will promote the correct knowledge of crypto currency in Japan through this alliance, which will lead to the improvement of the status of crypto currency, and to the improvement of financial literacy. As a result, AMT will realize one of its own Philosophy, “Create a society that recognizes diversity and allows everyone to live as they wish” with its own approach. AMT will continue to develop together with all those involved in the AMT project.

The primary school of virtual currency LINE OPENCHAT

AMT entered into a business collaboration and main sponsorship agreement for the development of the Metaverse with the Executive Committee of the “QURUWA Summer Festival 2022” to be held as part of the “QURUWA Strategy,” a public-private partnership project being implemented by Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture.

AMT has concluded a comprehensive business alliance and a main sponsorship agreement with the executive committee of the “QURUWA Summer Festival 2022”, one of the main projects in the “QURUWA Strategy”, a new public-private partnership project that focuses on the “space” of the city of Okazaki, for the purpose of discovering new attractions and creating new experience values in Okazaki City.

QURUWA is a generic name for activities to revitalize the entire city of Okazaki, mainly in public spaces in the center of the Otogawa River that flows to the east and south of Okazaki City.

This activity is planned and promoted by the city and local residents in collaboration with the public and private sectors to create spaces, places, and projects that anyone can try out and “try it out”.

Okazaki City, the birthplace of “Tokugawa Ieyasu”, is also attracting to a lot of attention and is expected to attract more attention from all over Japan this year and next year as a city for the filming location of the 2023 NHK Taiga Drama” Ieyasu What to do?”, which main actor is Mr.Jun Matsumoto (belong to Johnny’s group Arashi) and filming for the drama has already begun.

Through this partnership, AMT will not only expand the contents of “SETSUNA,” a metaverse development project developed and promoted by AMT, but also promote Okazaki City and QURUWA globally through its own platform, thereby educating the world about the many wonderful Japanese contents and culture yet to be discovered. We will also embody one of our company’s philosophies, “Create a society that recognizes diversity and allows everyone to live as they please”, with a completely new approach.

AMT will continue to grow together with all those involved in this project.

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