AMT is pleased to announce that popular cosplayer Ms. Saki Miyamoto, popularly known as “Sakimyi,” has been chosen as the second cosplayer for the real-life version of “FU-JIN-KI” NFT, which is currently being planned and developed by AMT.

AMT is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Saki Miyamoto as the second cosplayer for the real-life version of “FU-JIN-KI” NFT, a collaboration with Mr.Naoki Yamamoto that is scheduled to launch this fall.

Ms.Saki Miyamoto is one of Japan’s top cosplayers with over 500,000 followers on various social networking sites, and is known for her cute appearance and great figure.
She is also the producer of her own cosplayer brand (“L’erable”), which handles influencer marketing and media planning, and is a popular cosplayer with a wide range of entertainment activities centered on cosplay.

AMT will fuse Mr.Naoki Yamamoto’s “FU-JIN-KI” with the illusory charm of “SAKIMI” and the Web 3.0 blockchain technology called NFT. AMT will develop and provide new value in the new era and build an ecosystem specialized in Japanese culture, which only AMT can depict, at full throttle.

AMT will do its best to expand the AMT ecosystem and token community together with all those involved in this project.

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