AMT entered into a business collaboration and main sponsorship agreement for the development of the Metaverse with the Executive Committee of the “QURUWA Summer Festival 2022” to be held as part of the “QURUWA Strategy,” a public-private partnership project being implemented by Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture.

AMT has concluded a comprehensive business alliance and a main sponsorship agreement with the executive committee of the “QURUWA Summer Festival 2022”, one of the main projects in the “QURUWA Strategy”, a new public-private partnership project that focuses on the “space” of the city of Okazaki, for the purpose of discovering new attractions and creating new experience values in Okazaki City.

QURUWA is a generic name for activities to revitalize the entire city of Okazaki, mainly in public spaces in the center of the Otogawa River that flows to the east and south of Okazaki City.

This activity is planned and promoted by the city and local residents in collaboration with the public and private sectors to create spaces, places, and projects that anyone can try out and “try it out”.

Okazaki City, the birthplace of “Tokugawa Ieyasu”, is also attracting to a lot of attention and is expected to attract more attention from all over Japan this year and next year as a city for the filming location of the 2023 NHK Taiga Drama” Ieyasu What to do?”, which main actor is Mr.Jun Matsumoto (belong to Johnny’s group Arashi) and filming for the drama has already begun.

Through this partnership, AMT will not only expand the contents of “SETSUNA,” a metaverse development project developed and promoted by AMT, but also promote Okazaki City and QURUWA globally through its own platform, thereby educating the world about the many wonderful Japanese contents and culture yet to be discovered. We will also embody one of our company’s philosophies, “Create a society that recognizes diversity and allows everyone to live as they please”, with a completely new approach.

AMT will continue to grow together with all those involved in this project.

QURUWA Summer Festival 2022 Official Website

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