We signed a basic business partnership agreement with Ms.mimi, the creator of “Hasamareru Otoko-tachi” for the purpose of strengthening our blockchain business using NFT and realizing a genderless society.

AMT has entered into a basic business partnership agreement with Ms.mimi for the development of joint NFT.
She is a lover of M-men and SM women, and also practices her own “Tsuyo-ionna missionary activities” to support women who want to be different from the rest. This is part of AMT’s efforts to realize its philosophy of “Eliminating poverty and discrimination, eliminating inequality, and building an ecosystem where peace and justice can be enjoyed by all people.

Through this partnership, AMT will publish the “Hasamareru Otoko-tachi” series, which was created as part of Ms,mimi’s creative activities and ranked 4th in BCCKS’ July 2015 Free Ranking, as an NFT based on the concept of “spanning the globe”. By releasing the “Hasamareru Otoko-tachi” series, we hope to make an impact on Japanese society, which still has a strong prejudice against LGBT people, a gender gap, and inconsistency between words and deeds. We would like to embody a new approach to “create a society that recognizes diversity and allows everyone to live as they are”.

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