AMT has entered into a basic business partnership agreement with Ha2 Ltd. represented by Mr,Hajime Tsutsui, for the purpose of creating new entertainment and new value by fusing contemporary art and digital technology.

AMT has entered into a basic business alliance agreement with Ha2 Corporation, represented by Hajime Tsutsui, an artist, photographer, and designer of exceptional international caliber. The purpose of this business alliance agreement is to jointly develop new entertainment and create new value by fusing digital technology such as blockchain with art. Mr. Hajime Tsutsui was introduced by our business partner AI-dea Inc.

Mr.Hajime Tsutsui is a very unique artist who has demonstrated his talent in many fields.Since the early 2000s, he has been working on a cross-out of worldwide art and contemporary pop culture based on painting and photography. He has a deep knowledge of traditional Japanese culture, including a contract as a designer of stage kimonos for Mr.Taichi Saotome, an immensely popular onnagata actor in popular theater, and the establishment of a chopstick brand with Hyozaemon. As a painter, he won the Japan Art Grand Prix Holbein Sponsorship Award, and as a filmmaker, he won the Shanghai International Television Festival First Prize.

Through this alliance, AMT will accelerate the creation of new value and artist incubation by bringing innovation to the entertainment sector through collaboration with Ha2 Inc.




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